Chandima "Chammi" Rajapatirana

I lived in a silent abyss until I was almost 18 years old. I endured years of yearning, countless hours of desolation, until facilitated communication rescued me.

Altering myself from an angry, utterly despairing, mute 18-year-old yelling boy to an eager-for-life always-up-for-a-party kind of guy was hard. For me, Marilyn is much more than a Facilitator, she is my Guru.

Traveler’s tales not about slogging through jungles or sailing across uncharted seas. I am a traveler ebulliently engaged on a unique journey between worlds: between the quirky world of autism that I inhabit and the wearying world of “normal” that I would like to explore.

Author: Traveler's Tales: My Journey with Autism