Reasonable People: A Memoir of Autism and Adoption

Ralph James Saverese

This book tells the story of a family and their adoption of a boy who has autism, how they help the boy to develop communication and what they learn as communication emerges. DJ, the adopted son, authors the last chapter.

"Why would someone adopt a badly abused, nonspeaking, six-year-old from foster care?" the author was asked at the outset of his adoption-as-a-first-resort adventure.

Part love story, part political manifesto about "living with conviction in a cynical time," the memoir traces the development of DJ, a boy written off as profoundly retarded and [at the timing of writing], six years later, earning all "As" at a regular school.

Neither a typical saga of autism nor simply a challenge to expert opinion, Reasonable People illuminates the belated emergence of a self in language. And it does so using DJ's own words, expressed through the once discredited but now resurgent technique of facilitated communication.

Source: Ralph Savarese

Publisher: Other Press
ISBN-10: 1590511298
ISBN-13: 9781590511299

Availability: Hardcover